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Entering the world by way of Killeen Texas, Don Thomas aka Don T is an American Hip Hop Recording Artist, Songwriter and Entrepreneur.

Born into a military family that shifted residential navigation often as usual, Don T does not consider himself from any one particular place. The self describ...

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With sincere lyricism, this 33-year-old creative maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is the truth. And the proof is displayed for all to hear on his latest string of releases in 2020 that include “Money Ova Everything,” “Close Friends,” “My Type” ...

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IAA: What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Don T.: My overall career goal is to change the game! I want to bring independent music to the mainstream platform. Challenge these major labels with their infinite funds and 360 deals, and actually educate musicians on th...

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Skilly Magazine Interview with Don Evans Thomas II: Reach Out Globally To Expand The Brand
“… don’t belittle your brand by thinking your city is all you have to advertise and promote to.”

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Traveler is a unique limited edition shoe concept; you will not find this custom design anywhere else!

The shoes are handcrafted in Italy, Once you buy a pair, the custom shoes are manufactured and shipped to you.

Don Thomas is the designer of this shoe concept.

Completely love...

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a year ago
Thanks to Wise Guise Entertainment I am receiving all the press and plays I sought after, now that I know my other content is monetized I don't mind moving forward with my journey as an artist and songwriter! They even got my merchandise created and it's now for sale as well as my music.
- Don T

Royalty Consulting

Offering our services in music registration, copyright and publishing to the public is a new expansion for us at Wise Guise Entertainment. Along with this expansion comes more responsibility, which requires more reliability. We aim to provide our clients with the knowledge of today's music royalty collection opportunities, as well as how to be in position to receive offers for those opportunities. We cannot promise a dollar amount that you will collect, or how long exactly it will be before you get paid individually as there are many variables that are to be taken into consideration. This has been our discussion with our clients and we provide them individually with solutions to fit their own unique situations. Contact us today! 

  1. PRO Registration with BMI
  2. Metadata insight and applications
  3. Encode music for Billboard charts
  4. Assistance publishing content
  5. Copyright filing assistance
  6. Music distribution consultation
  7. Mechanical Royalty collection 
  8. Music Promotion Services 

and much more! Make an appointment today! 

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